The Old Man of Medaekar

Session 1 Layout

Objective Structure
Obj 1 – Escape Jail
- Encounter – kill guards out front of cell
Encounter – climb the stairs. Find Elf in pain and in spell song. Spell song animating pumpkin into giant living pumpkin, candle flames, straw men, and imps.
Encounter over – Loud booming of a battering ram and the resonant voices of spells being conjured. Investigate from window and find orcs in battle with mages and servants. Hear command to kill them all and search the keep.

Obj 2 – Escape the keep unnoticed
Obj 2.1 – Old man says there is a spell book in the top of the tower that will have a spell to get you out.
—Encounter at top of almost abandoned tower. Top door is trapped. Turns stairs into a slide to a pit of fire. Dex check to save (acro) and perception to see lever. Acro or dex check to change it back. In room find book that sets of continuous damage spell effects that only end with some non combat solution. Draws one party of orcs that confront them.

Obj 2.2 – Book has lots if high stuff but nothing that will work. Neimah notices the tower has a broken down Dwarven Lightning catcher. It can summon and store a large charge of lightning. But it needs three pieces to work.
- A large crystal focusing gem. -Main Hall

- A dwarven sprocket cog to extend the antenna – third tower

- A coil of copper. They saw it in the torture room

They can activate the lightning catcher by speaking the runes of storm summoning, but it will cost a healing surge.

It will also draw focus

After that they can use an arcane implement to aim the beam with some strange side effects.

— Encounter – 1st gnoll and Orc band that pin them in the entry hall. Success is reliant on them not sounding a horn for more troops

Gather the goods

—Encounter – Main hall, sneak about

— torture room easy grab

— third tower is full of orcs as it had the armory.

Summon lightning and do something to the gate guards, or all the orcs.

Old man reveals he is Fayizid and boss battle ensues.
Fayizid cackles with glee. Pleased the PC’s could do his work for him, he turns on them and goes for the spell book



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