The Old Man of Medaekar

Escape! The Dark Sorcerer Rises session 1 - 11/3/2012

Get out alive. Get out fast.

The day began with three unlikely companions trying to devise how they arrived in a prison cell in Deft Blade Keep, and more importantly how they would escape.

The heros escaped their prison cells to find a tormented Elven Spellsinger animating straw men, a flying imp, and a giant pumpkin. The pumpkin wasn’t able to swallow anyone whole, but in her dying breath the Elf sorcereress begged the PC’s to bring her Heartstar to her people at the villiage at Grandfather Tree hill. The Hearstar pulsed with an arcane power and insight that might be difficult to give up.

This surprise was followed by a horde of Drauken orcs and human barbarians storming the keep and challenging its evil master Fayizid. They cried for blood and a cleansing of the ruined castle.

At the suggestion of the old man they found in the dungeon the party searched for the wizard’s spell book for a possible way past the horde. What they found was a might tome of dark secrets and alien powers, but no clear way out.

Until the disabled dwarven lightning catcher was noticed by Anliefr. A search was made and sneaking the materials past the orcs was a near thing, but the devise was assembled and a storm summoned from the dread wizard’s tome.

Setting half the keep on fire proved distraction enough for the party to sneak past the gates…

Only to discover the old man from the cells was Fayizid in disguise, and although he was impressed with the parties solution, it was time for them to die. He transformed into a green dragon the size of a horse and called them out. The battle was a close thing, but our heroes won out.

With more questions than answers they head to Eckterton and the knight who might give them assistance.

—Find Sir Korbl at Eckterton and show him the secret plot for a “Dark Sorcerer” that plans on rising to power by transforming elves into a new race of bug men.
—Inform Sir Korbl of the threat at Deft Blade Keep.
—Return the Heartstar to the Grandfather Tree village



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