Cities and Keeps

Major Cities.

Alduin – Continent
Primus – Former Dwarven empire that is a shadow of it’s former strength. Stretched from the Deserts of Marnt to the coast of Galarion.
Galarion – Human kingdom that gained lands and power after the fall of Primus.
Galarion the city – Capital of the kingdom, this coastal territory has a strong power at land and sea Ruled by King Aurelius

Ceralia – The Forest Kingdom
Ruled by Sir Korbl. To the southwest of Galarion, in the heart of the High Forest

Smaller Keeps.

This town is in the lands of Ceralia, and governed by Sir Wendel. It’s main contribution is farming as well as stone mining from the larger number of abandoned Dwarven strongholds nearby.

Fallen Keeps.

Deft Blade Castle – A fallen Dwarven stronghold on the southern edge of the High Forest. Known for their excellent blade smithing as well as the sheer rock face on three sides of the keep. It was one of the first territories to be captured for its armory. Now it has laid abandoned for 400 years. Or at least that is what was commonly thought.

Cities and Keeps

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