Races of The Lands of Galarion

The following racial information are general guidlines for each cuture as they exist in their own communities. The most extreme traits exist in a sheltered environment. The average adventurer will be in areas with mixed races and cultures, where there exists more tolerance and less extremism. For instance, the heart of the Dwarven Stronghold of Pallanthus has no room for decendants of the orcs and humans who caused the downfall of the Great Dwarven Empire of Primus. By contrast the Dwarves in residence in the villages of Galarion are more accepting of the current age.

HUMANS Human male knight

The humans of this era are in a feudal system of governance with the King of Galarion focusing on law and the benefits of chivalry. Despite his good intentions, some of the nobles of his court are arrogant, elitist and abusive of power. Some of the nobles treasure personal honor above the lives of their vassals. However humans as a whole are resourseful, able to work together, and true to family. Since personal strength and knightly skill are prized, there is a great love for games, tourneys, and the skills of honor and combat. There is also a burgeoning merchant class that is spreading throughout the land.

Known to be great fighters, humans are also excellent at building and generaly well suited for many of the challanges of life. They gravitate to cities and large gatherings of their own people, but are, on average, accepting of other cultures.

Humans can also be a pious people, with many gods competing for the attention of the people. The churches are a force for education and compassion.

Game Mechanics
Technology Level: Moderate – Keeps, Armor, Steel Forges. Public Works
Magic Level: Moderate – Apprentice study only. Knowledge and Spells spread far and wide. Court Magicians best option
Magic Acceptance: Moderate to Low – Fear of the unknown for the common man
Merchant Availability: High – Almost anything can be found in a human settlement as all who whish to trade are

Dd elves
The Elves of the continent are fiercely independent, free spirited and have a love for life and all it has to offer. On average they are well traveled and seek out new experieces, no matter how long it might take. Elven cities are rare, as most travel in small nomadic tribes from one part of the land to the next, feeling at home as long as their is woodland. Hunting is in their blood, along with moonlight and magic. They are like the wind, temperamental, mercurial, and passionate. They leave many half elven children in their wake.

Elves are not adept at building, or establishing any permanent fixtures with tools or stone. However they have a cultural passion for using magic spells, rituals and dance to craft great works out of sun, starshine, and the living earth. They sing trees into citadels, plants into enormous variants, and leaving a magical resonance anywhere they perform their fey birthright.

Their songs bring them closer to the land and the animals, which drives the people to experience the world in different shapes. It has been known for elves to turn into packs of wolves or other animals to live as they do for a moons turn.

The elves have made an industry out of spell sung wooden tools, furniture, instruments and any other oddity the wood desires to become. Some of the people choose to travel the lands outside the wood, bringing their spell sung craft to all who care to buy it.

They also create constructs of magic that can last an hour, a day or a moons turn. Fairy sites are dotted througout the land granting strange insights and boons.

Spell singers. The constructs of the elves are spells that weave moonlight and magic for a nights pleasures. Elf song and ritual tie them to the heart of the forest and give them their long life. To be altered to a monster like the Tri-Kreen cuts them off from their connection to the natural world.

An elf in song and ritual can recharge magical wards and effects placed on items.

Their one good is the spell sung wood. Their rituals help shape the living wood into fantastic shapes. Many elfs take a season to sell the sung wood and travel through the market places.

There is only one school of wizardry run by the elves. The Trials of Erlithial.

Game Mechanics
Technology Level: Low – Few steel forges. No stone keeps. Reliant on others for advanced weapons and armor.
Magic Level: High – Elves live and breath magic, revitalizing the forest, themselves and any that come into contact with their ways. Magic is change. Many Elven Spell Song rituals for earth crafting, shape changing, Spell Webs and other constructs of light and air.

Elves have secret elven rituals of shape changing, earth crafting and other mysteries
They can create spell sung wood
Their song can recharge magical enchantments

Dwarves- The great empire of Primous was the shining height of power for the dwarven people. Their roads, works of water and enginerering will forever leave a mark on the country side. Since its downfall however, many of the techniques and secret sciences are forgotten, or are too spread apart to maintain.

They are of the stone, compelled to build things that last. Care deeply for family and their own interests. Fallen Roman Empire. Dwarves seek to create things that last. Their empire lasted a very long time.

There are several cities still dedicated to the ideals of Primus, and the Dwarven families see themselves as rulers in decline. With a few decisive victories and the proper slave army, Primus might even rise again. The more noble of the Dwarven families distain trade with what they see as the upstart cultures, but the newest generation is more likely to sell their Dwarven birthright of crafting to all who might need it.

Game Mechanics
Technology Level: High – The best forges, armor, tactics and steel.
Magic Level: Arcane – Low. Divine – High. A religious people who find strength in the faith.

Halflings. Hobbits. The shire folk, Not warlike but born with a deep caring for the world. Willing to sacrifice for a good cause, yet knows how to live life in peace.
They also have a love for elven song, and make excellent Druids, bards, rogues, and other stealthy characters.

Game Mechanics
Technology Level: Low to Moderate
Magic Level: Moderate – with the help of Elven songs, Hobbit songs and no superstition against the arcane.


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