The World

Continent of Alduin

500 years ago The Dwarven Empire of Primus coverend the entire continent of Alduin. Ruled in peace with an Emperor and Senate, the Dwarves created technological wonders. Auquaducs and public works, roads as straight as an arrow, architecture of unsurpassed beauty, and an imperial legion that could break any hostile force against its shield wall and tactical strength.

But a horde of Orcs and Humans called the Drauks rose and eventually broke the unified strength of the Dwarven Nation. The Drauken people were uneducated and barbaric, but many in number. The citizens of Primus had been using Drauken slaves for decades.

The nation was split and territories fell into many different hands.

Our story focuses on a new kingdom, ruled by a fair and just man, in the heart of one of the largest forests in the land.

The Lands of Galarion.

The nobility of Galarion mostly sprung from the nobility that was in power during the Primus Empire. Galarion was a small province under Primus rule.

Ruled by King Aurelius from the city of Galarion.

Our story starts in the lands under the protection of Ceralia.

Ceralia – The Forest Citadel.
At the center of the High Forest lies the stronghold of Ceralia. A place of beauty cut from a mercurial woodland. The people of Ceralia embrace the playful and adventurous elves, the kind and quite hobbits, and the knowledgeable Dwarves.

The keep is protected by a large wooden fortification, as the crumbling Dwarven walls and battlements will take time to rebuild.

Ceralia is under threat from the sons of The Drauks, reaving goblins, hostile Dwarven settlements, and the sinister creatures of the High Forest itself.

Current Whispers: King Aurelius has been hard at work to bring dwarven stone masons to Ceralia and help rebuild the keep and all its wonders. to its former glory.

Ceralia is ruled by Sir Korbl.
Ceralia hosts 12 Tourneys, one for every month, with a grand Tourney in the spring. It is the King’s Tourney and his entire Court travel to attend the event. M

The Elves
The Elves are one with the High Forest. They are it’s caretakers, and they live and breath its entire existence. Many elves spend the year traveling its breadth, but there are a few permanent settlements.

Grandfather Tree: The largest settlement. Any Elf friend may visit.

Unicorn Run: The head of the Heartblood River

The Moonlit Towers: The fabled elven school of magic. It is difficult to find, and may only be entered in the rays of a full moon. Little is known for the Towers appear and vanish.

The World

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